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Falcon IPTV – 4000+ Live Channels, Installation, Subscriptions & More

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Falcon IPTV

IPTV is a perfect replacement for traditional cable TV. As there are a plethora of IPTV service available, Falcon TV is one of the popular choices among them. After reading the blog you will know everything about this service like how to buy the subscription. How to install it on your device? Is it legal to use? etc.

Insights of Falcon IPTV

  • Falcon TV offers more than 4000+ live TV channels of different entertainment categories.
  • PPV and VOD content from around the world.
  • The best part of the service is that it enables new users to have 24 hours free trial before buying any subscription.
  • Users get three types of subscriptions to buy: person, reseller, and restream.

A Brief Intro About Falcon IPTV

Falcon IPTV is among the few Arabia-based IPTVs. Apart from nations like The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia (KSA), this service is capable of fetching content from other nations too. Once you have a subscription, you are allowed to access live TV channels and on-demand videos across the world.


  • Over 4000+ live channels
  • 24 hours free trial
  • Supports VPN.
  • Not IP locked.
  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG).
  • Stand-alone APK.
  • Support M3U link.Free technical support.
  • High-quality streams.
  • Access from anywhere.
  • All device compatibility including Firestick.
  • Accepts payment through credit/debit card and bitcoins.
  • Full customer support through chats, emails, and social media.

Falcon TV Sign-Up Process

Sign up process is quite easy, one just needs to have an internet connection and a device where anyone can open the browser.

  1. Open the browser on your device.
  2. Type the Falcon TV website ( to sign up to buy the subscriptions.
  3. Go to the pricing tab that would be on the top of the page.
  4. You will see options for three types of subscriptions.
  5. Choose the most suitable option for you and move forward following the instructions shown on the screen.
  6. Pay for the preferred package and enjoy the Falcon TV services.

Falcon IPTV Subscription Price

Falcon TV offers Three types of subscriptions to its users.


  • Iptv 24 hours free trial.
  • 7300 channels.
  • 9600 VOD.

$70/year package.

Become IPTV Reseller

  • Trial version
  • 7300 channels.
  • 9600 VOD.
  • $200 to start your business.

$45/ Year Package


  • Free trial of 10 connections/ channel.
  • Full format
  • 5000 channels.
  • 8000 VOD.
  • A server is required.
  • $50 to start your business.

$2/ Connection.

There is a lot to explore in plans further, go to the official website to know more.

How To Use Falcon IPTV on Various Devices???

As you already know Falcon TV can tv subscription can be watched on every device like smart TV, Android Devices, Windows, MAC, iOS, etc

Falcon IPTV on Android Device

  • The first step includes going to the play store.
  • Search for IPTV Smarter Player Lite.
  • From the various search results, select the Smarter Player Lite App.
  • Tap the install button to download the app.
  • Let the installation finish and press Open.
  • Now enter Falcon TV credentials like username and password to access your favorite content.

What is Smarter Player Lite???

It is a player (earlier it was known as IPTV Smarters) i.e. required to access Falcon IPTV channels. This player is just accessing mediums, it doesn’t provide any channels and content on its own. The use of this player adds to enhancing the user experience with HD picture quality and other incredible features. There are numerous players available.

Read more (

Falcon IPTV on IOS Devices

  1. Go to the app store.
  2. Search for IPTV Smarter.
  3. Download the IPTV Smarter app.
  4. After installation gets finished, open the app on your iPhone or iPad.
  5. Now enter falcon TV credentials.
  6. Click on add new user.
  7. Enjoy the content from Falcon TV.

Access Falcon TV IPTV on Smart TV

  1. Go to the settings.
  2. Turn on the unknown sources.
  3. Now you can open the IPTV Smarters website on your smart TV.
  4. Click on the download button to install the app.
  5. Let the installation process complete and after the competition opens the app.
  6. Now watch your preferred content using Falcon TV credentials.

Falcon TV on PC- Windows or Mac

  1. Launch the browser on your mac and windows browser.
  2. Download the installer files after opening the smarters app website.
  3. Run the .exe file on your mac and windows computer.
  4. The player is installed.
  5. Now use Falcon TV’s M3U link to watch channels, movies, sports, news, and more.

Falcon IPTV on Fire Stick/Fire TV

  1. Power on the firestick-compatible device.
  2. Click the search button on the find tab.
  3. Type downloader in the search bar.
  4. Pick the downloader app from the search results.
  5. Click on the download icon.
  6. Now click on the gear-shaped icon on the fire tv home screen.
  7. Go to My Fire TV tile and tap the developer option.
  8. Select install unknown apps.
  9. Now tap and hold the toggle switch next to the downloader.
  10. Open the installed downloader and go on with onscreen instructions to get into the app.
  11. To download smarter player lite, tap the URL box and enter the apk download link.
  12. Now click on Go and you are done.
  13. Click the install button and the installation process will get started.
  14. After installation gets finished.
  15. Click on Open.
  16. Now enter the Falcon TV M3U link and start enjoying the content.

Is Falcon TV Legal??

The answer to the question is a dilemma because this service is not available in most authentic legal stores, so it is quite difficult to say yes/no to its legality. As confusion is there, the use of a VPN is advised.

Falcon IPTV Alternatives

Family4k IPTV

It is a premium IPTV subscription that guarantees incredible content options and high-quality entertainment. It is fully programmed through the internet and brings Live TV, VOD as well as movies to your device. Service is in the market for a period of time and with every passing day, it has added the latest feature to the subscription. Because of these features, it is considered the best alternative to Falcon IPTV subscription.

Important Aspects

  • 9000+ live channels.
  • 20000 movies
  • 15000 series.
  • 24/7h/365 Support.
  • Standard definition, HD, 4k/UHD quality.
  • Supports PPV.
  • EPG and Time Shift.
  • Compatible with all devices.


  • $19/month
  • $55/6month
  • $89/year
  • $160/2 years

Before buying any subscription users are facilitated to have 48 hours of free trial.


Falcon IPTV provides a wide range of content options. The subscriptions they provide are also pocket friendly. Another best thing about the service is that it enables users to start their business by becoming a reseller. If you are seeking for more similar choice Family4K IPTV could be a better option for you.

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