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List of Paid & Free IPTV Services for FireStick (2022)

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List of Paid & Free IPTV Services

IPTV Players are becoming hellishly popular because of their easy availability, installation and unbeatable features. Their association with IPTV services are keeping them on the list of demand. Through the blog, we are trying to get you the list of best IPTV services for FireStick. Hopefully the information would prove to be a great help for users. 

What is FireStick???

It is the most powerful and robust streaming device available from amazon. It is gaining popularity because of the incredible features and potential of converting any TV into a Smart TV. Which simply means that, user can watch content over the Internet Connection.

The other best thing about the Amazon Fire TV Stick is that all popular streaming services for instance Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, and YouTube etc can be accessed easily.  Additionally, it also enables one to watch Live TV, listen to music with Spotify, Pandora and more. One can also have access to paid or free streaming services. 

IPTV is replacing traditional satellite and cable TV rapidly, because of advanced features and world wide content availability. 

When it comes to having an unforgettable IPTV experience, one must have a high quality IPTV player for Firestick to fetch an IPTV subscription.  To know about the installation process tap on the link (link).

When you have FireStick and a player with you, now you should have a compatible IPTV subscription. 

Here is the list of free as well as paid  IPTV services that are a perfect fit to use with FireStick. 

Paid IPTV Services for FireStick 

IPTV Trends 

A featured IPTV is the backbone of a great entertainment experience. It is also known as the fastest one among the other services. IPTV trends is a stable and secure service because of its more than 100 active servers available around the globe. 

Important Aspects

  • 19000+ channels 
  • EPG Guide.
  • HD and 4K quality content.
  • Compatible with FireStick.
  • Not IP Locked.
  • M3U & MAG & Enigma Format


The initial phase of having the service starts from having a trial, which is available for 24 hours at $2.99 USD. 

  • Monthly Plan: Starts with $18.99 USD.
  • 3 Month Plan: Available at $50.99 USD.
  • 6 Month Plan: Available at $80.99 USD. 

A lifetime plan is also available and different plans are available for renewal of the subscription. You should contact the service provider to know more about the profitable plan for you. 

Area 51 IPTV 

This service brings a diversified pool of content to your home. Area 51 IPTV is best suited for FireStick TV. One gets content from almost 80 countries of the world. 

Important Aspects 

  • 13580 channels
  • 21000 VOD movies 
  • Sports channels.
  • FireStick compatibility.
  • 99% uptime.
  • All time active customer support.  
  • Payment with Bitcoins, paypal, credit card, Master card. 


Free for 48 hours.

  • Monthly: Starts at $12 USD.
  • 3 Month: Available at $25 USD.
  • 6 Month: Available at $42 USD.
  • 1 year : Available at $65 USD

To buy a subscription, the user must contact the service provider. They also provide full guidance on the process of using the relevant service on FireStick TV. 

Nitro IPTV 

It is one of the compatible services with FireStick. It is most prominent because its library content can be watched in full HD quality. Its features are great at favorable pricing. 

Important Aspects 

  • 7300 channels 
  • 9600 VOD
  • Top Tier IPTV 
  • Works fine with VPN On. 
  • EPG 
  • M3U File Support.
  • Multi room connection. 
  • Enable you to become an IPTV reseller. 
  • PPV channels.


Before buying the subscription, customers are facilitated to have a trial of 24 hours. 

  • Monthly: Starts with 18 USD/ 2 connections & 27 USD/ 3 connections.
  • 3 Months: Available at 37.8 USD/2 connections & 56.7 USD/ 3 connections.
  • 6 Months: 72 USD/2 connections & 108 USD/ 3 connections. 
  • Year: 126 USD/2 Connections & 189 USD/ 3 connections. 
  • 2 year: 216 USD/2 connections & 325 USD/3 connections. 

The pricing is genuine and there are different ways available to save money from different plans to check that out, you must go to their website plus they will provide full assistance while installing service on FireStick. 

The Bull TV 

Services are gaining popularity for streaming Live sports events. If you are a sports lover and want to enjoy watching NFL, NHL, WWE, and UFC on FireStick TV, The Bull TV is a service for you. 

Important Aspects 

  • 2000+ HD Live Channels.
  • News/Sports/Movies/Kids/ Adults and more.
  • EPG 
  • Active Online Support.
  • 4 lines from 2IPs simultaneously. 


One day trial is available at $2 

  • Monthly: Starts from $15.

Service provider provides full guide to use the service on FireStick. 

Eternal TV 

If one is looking to have an IPTV service that provides full HD quality on FireStick, Eternal TV is the best service to have for them. 

The service is known for zero buffering and cemented customer support with 24/7 availability for Live chats.

Important Aspects 

  • 6500+ premium channels.
  • 14000+ VOD with daily updates.
  • 500+ series.
  • 1000+ adult channels.
  • EPG Guide 
  • FireStick Compatibility. 
  • PPV Channels.
  • Refund Policy.

Subscription Plans 

  • Monthly: 8.5$, Extra device: 7$.
  • 3 Months: 24 $, Extra device:19.5$.
  • 6 Months: 46 $, Extra device: 36$.
  • 1 Year: 79.9$, Extra device: 64$

Eternal TV offers 15% off if payment is done with Bitcoins. Apart from this, they provide a full setup guide for FireStick.

The Amazing TV 

This is the best service particularly known for great server backup and playlist customisation. Not only that, it is best in every sphere like availability of channels, VOD content plus HD picture quality. The webseries gets updated with new content automatically. 

Important Aspects

  • More than 81000 streams 
  • 10,370 live Channels.
  • 24000+ Movies.
  • 2500 Series. 
  • Every week update. 
  • FireStick compatibility.
  • Playlist Customisation.
  • Fast IPTV Server.
  • Server backup.
  • Efficient 24/7 customer support. 


Free trials are not available currently because of security reasons. The scenario may change in the future. 

  • Monthly: €16.99
  • 3 Months: €35.99
  • 6 Months: €53.94
  • 12 Months: €79.99.

There is a refund policy associated too, but knowing exact terms and conditions one is advised to contact the service provider. The service is a powerpack of quality content from the globe and the pricing is also commendable. 

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Free IPTV Services For FireStick 

IPTV Smarters 

IPTV Smarters is praised for uninterrupted high quality streaming of live movies, radio and TV. One is also allowed to add an external player too. The best facility that one gets is multi screen usage at a single point of time. 

Important Aspects 

  • Restricted Control options like parental control. 
  • VPN Association.
  • Alternation of buffer size.
  • Clearing of Cache and more.

Price: Free for Lifetime. IPTV Smarters do not provide content or subscriptions. 

Live Net TV 

In the free category, this is the most phenomenal service available. Users are not required to sign up or buy the subscriptions for its use. It provides 800 popular channels from the US without spending a penny.  

This list of channels includes sports, news, TV shows and Kids programs too. So, it is a full entertainment package that costs nothing. 

Important Aspects 

  • 800 channels 
  • Regular channel updates.
  • Supports Chromeset.
  • Support external players.
  • Notifications and more.

Price: Free. 


Although the service is new in the IPTV space it has attracted attention because of its Live TV Streaming free of cost. If we talk about the interface of the service, it is easily navigable from channel to channel. 

The other best thing of the service is its compatibility, it is fully compatible with FireStick TV. Content streaming is good quality plus has a versatile store from kids shows to stand-up specials.  

Service is a powerpack entertainer for no cost. 

Important Aspects 

  • 180+ Free Channels. 
  • World Wide Content.
  • Easy to use Interface.
  • Free TV and Movies.
  • FireStick Compatibility. 

Price: Free 

RedBox TV 

It contains a set of incredible features and provides content from 20 different countries. When it comes to quality, it enables users to watch their favourite movies and shows in SD and HD quality. 

You can quickly switch between video players like Android and XML. The other special thing about the service is that it enables users to choose content from 22 different categories. 

The most likable feature of the service is user request for addition for new channels to the app. 

  • 1000 channels.
  • Custom Playlist.
  • HD & SD picture quality.
  • Request for new channel.
  • External player support.
  • FireStick Compatibility. 

Price: Free.  

Pluto TV 

This  service is 100% legal and is officially available for FireStick TV on Amazon App Store. If sports, news and Live is in your prior list of content, Pluto TV enables you to watch them all free of cost. 

Important Aspects 

  • 250 Channels from different countries.
  • Powerhouse of free movies and VOD.
  • 100% Secure and Legal to use. 
  • FireStick compatibility.
  • Availability on Amazon app store.
  • Addition of channels to the list.
  • Easy to use interface. 
  • Country restricted content. 

Price: Free. 

Tv Tap 

It is another free of cost IPTV service i.e. highly compatible with FireStick TV.  It had an amazing store of quality content with satellite channels from different countries of the world such as: UK, US, Middle east and Europe etc. 

Important Aspects 

  • 150 channels with a variety of content. 
  • Simple and user friendly.
  • Fast navigation and playback. 
  • HD content quality (some).
  • Filter feature lets you choose content based on specific region and country.  

Price: Free. 

Peacock TV 

It is immensely gaining attention in between the free available IPTV services, because of its unbeatable incredible features. It is the best free service available streaming NBC’s original programming. There is no question about its legality. 

If someone out there is questing  for high quality content without spending money, this is the most recommended service on the basis of our research.

Important Aspects 

  • Wide store of content including on demand videos, documentaries, and movies etc.
  • Hosts satellite channels.
  • Compatible with FireStick and other devices too. 
  • Available free, premium and premium Plus subscriptions. 
  • High quality content. 
  • Available for all kinds of users. 

Price: Free, premium and premium plus subscriptions. 


If you are planning to buy FireStick or already have the one but have no idea about converting it into a smart TV, this blog and other blogs available on our website will provide you with full assistance. 

The list of IPTV services for Firestick mentioned above is the filtered one in both paid and unpaid categories. Hopefully, our research on IPTV services will assist you to choose the right one for your FireStick TV. Go through the blog and pick the right fit for you. 

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